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After City of Norwich and City of Norwalk in Connecticut Now City of Holyoke,Massachusetts declared Vaisakhi Day (April 14th According to Sikh Mool Nanakshai Calendar) as "National Sikh Day".

May 13, 2017 05:54 PM

After City of Norwich and City of Norwalk in Connecticut Now City of Holyoke,Massachusetts declared Vaisakhi Day (April 14th According to Sikh Mool Nanakshai Calendar) as "National Sikh Day".

HOLYOKE,MA ( USA )-May 13 ( Raj Gogna)- The      historical and religious festival of the Sikh faith known as Vaisakhi was celebrated Thursday in a ceremony at City Hall of Holyoke,Massachusetts and was Declared as "National Sikh Day".

"Sikhism means we are disciples of God," said Manmohan Singh Bharara, of the local Sikh community. "Sikh values are American values."
Swaranjit Singh Khalsa Connecticut Sikh Leader and Member Commission of City Plan of Norwich with  Guruninder Singh Dhaliwal had conversation with City Councilor at Large Daniel B. Bresnahan about a commemoration of Vaisakhi led Bresnahan to contact Mayor Alex B. Morse, and the ceremony held in City Council Chambers included Morse reading a proclamation.

Program was started with Sikh Ardass lead by Bhai Gurmeet Singh from CT Sikh Association and then Sikh Speakers were given time.
Sikhism is a monotheistic religion founded in the late 1400's in Punjab, India.
Dhaliwal said little during the ceremony, thanking Morse, Bresnahan and other councilors who attended.
Dhaliwal and Swaranjit Singh Khalsa of Norwich, Connecticut said about 15 families practice the Sikhism in this area and most attend temples in Connecticut in Windsor, Hamden, Southington and Norwalk.
"We all belong to one God," Bharara said.
"Vaisakhi is one of the holiest days for the Sikh community..." Khalsa said. "It is a reminder to Sikh Nation and to (the) whole world about the values Sikh Gurus have established."
Vaisakhi usually is celebrated on April 14 but scheduling conflicts prevented a ceremony here until now, he said.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa and Guruninder Singh Dhaliwal Special Thanked to Holyoke Honorable Mayor Alex Morse,Daniel Bresnahan City Council Member,State Representative Aaron Vega,Gurninder Dhaliwal from Holyoke,Mike Plaisance from The Republican Newspaper,Kulwant Singh Samra from Southington Gurudwara sahib,Inderjit Singh,Padam Singh,Kanwalpreet Singh Atwal,Manmohan Singh Bharara from Hamden,Bhai Gurmeet Singh,Guntas Kaur,Harman Singh Dhaliwal and everyone else who came to attend this ceremony.

Himat Singh Coordinator of Sikh Coordination Committee East coast also congratulated Mr.Dhaliwal and Mr.Khalsa on this achievement on behalf of All Gurudwara sahib and Jathebandiyan who support Coordination Committee.

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