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ParametricTechnology Corporation (PTC) University USA organized International “PTC University ATC Summit 2017” at Hotel ¬Dusit Thani, Thailand

May 16, 2017 08:56 PM

ParametricTechnology Corporation (PTC) University USA organized International “PTC University ATC Summit 2017” at Hotel ¬Dusit Thani, Thailand

Phagwara May 16 (Ashok Sharma) ParametricTechnology Corporation (PTC) University USA organized International “PTC University ATC Summit 2017” at Hotel ¬Dusit Thani, Thailand. The event had the honoured presence of Mr.Stefan Helf, Senior Vice President(SVP),
PTC University USA, Mr. Kamal Batra (Director- PTC University academic Program India), Mr. Vikrant Patil, CEO-Vinsys IT Services(I) Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Ajinkya Lad,Senior Program Manager, PTC among others for the occasion.The event also had the presence of various national and international members of Authorized Training Partners (ATP), PTC Team from every corner of the World gathered to participate and to represent their contribution to the success of ATC program of PTC University USA.The PTC-ATC Summit is organized every year to felicitate the efforts of ATC’s and to convey the information about new ventures in undertaking for the growth of ATC programs of PTC University. In the current scenario, the PTC-Creo CAD, Internet of things (IOT) and Thingsworx has been implemented for education in more than 900 universities and colleges across the globe. In his speech, Mr. Stefan emphasized the role of additive manufacturing for the product development and congratulated GNA for industry effective courses that have been incorporating the technologies like digital manufacturing and additive manufacturing with Computer Aided Designing since 2011 for the students to learn. During his speech, he also announced the integration of Additive manufacturing module for the next version release of PTC-Creo.During the event, Faculty of Design and Innovation of GNA University–Phagwara has been conferred with “Best UniversityATC 2017’’ award for their outstanding learning systems and blended course curriculum to the students .Mr. Chitta Ranjan Tripathy, Dean-Faculty of Design and Innovation represented GNA University in the Summit. Mr.Tripathy presented a view about training practices, Methodologies, expectations of TOP MNC from fresh engineers and processes adopted in CAD/CAM Program as per market realities. He emphasized upon the students placements through word of mouth and how the companies have been approaching the organization through the efficient alumni. He also thanked PTC for the initiation and implementation of additive manufacturing into the PTC products for the all-round growth of students. All the guests appreciated the initiative of GNA University to make the students employable and for meeting the industry needs.During his valedictory speech Stefan Helf (SVP Global education program – PTC University USA) appreciated GNA University for engaging the students in industrial live projects, He also appreciated Digital Manufacturing system and RPT (FDM) technology as a part of CAD/CAM curriculum to meet future challengesof globalization as per current market and hoped for the successful inculcation of IOT and Thingsworx into the program curriculums. He showed his gratitude and word of thanks to Mr.Gurdeep Singh, Pro Chancellor, GNA University and CEO GNA Gears Ltd. Punjab for his consistent perseverance and valuable contributions to the success of ATC programand for imparting quality education by introducing PTC product in B.Tech and Post Diploma program as a part of curriculum. He wished them best of luck for their further growth in this technology. He also thanked Vice Chancellor - Dr. Prem Kumar, GNA University, for the wonderful programs structures and for maintaining a high standard of education in the university.

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