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Jalandhar: CM’s first visit to city tomorrow, MC grants to be doled out

October 25, 2017 06:17 PM
Capt Amarinder Singh

Jalandhar, October 25 - As Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh is scheduled to visit Jalandhar on October 26 for the first time since his victory in March this year, there is a palpable excitement in the Congress leadership of the city.


The visit of the CM, who is expected to dole out grants to the tune of nearly Rs 65 crore for various civic works, is expected to give a boost to the ruling party ahead of the Municipal Corporation elections due in two months or so. Also since the seven-month wait for the party leaders in the region was too long, the party leaders have already begun making preparations for the same at the venue – auditorium of the DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology.


The CM has made visits to Hoshiarpur earlier on an invite of Sonalika Tractors and then again as stopover during the Gurdaspur bypolls, but he has so far not visited the Doaba’s heartland Jalandhar.


The Congress MLAs have high hopes from the event as Jalandhar North MLA Bawa Henry said, “We are expecting Rs 10 crore grant for each of the city’s four constituencies. In addition, there will be more grants for some common works and projects.”

Jalandhar Central MLA Rajinder Beri too said, “It is our CM’s first visit to Jalandhar. It will also be a thanksgiving programme for the party workers. We are expecting announcement of some new projects too for which additional grants will be given to the Municipal Corporation and the Jalandhar Improvement Trust for executing these works.”


Cantonment MLA Pargat Singh added, “Besides Rs 10 crore grant for four constituencies each, we are also expecting announcement of new projects under AMRUT and other schemes for the local bodies department.”


Meanwhile, the former SAD and BJP MLAs have been terming the event as farce. Former BJP minister Manoranjan Kalia took a jibe at the CM’s visit, saying, “The money which the CM is going to distribute to the ULBs is the same money which was given by the Akali-BJP government for development projects and was taken back after the Capt government came to power. The government, which wants a tax imposed even on keeping cats and dogs, has no new fund of its own to distribute.”


He added, “On the whole, Capt’s visit to Jalandhar before the MC elections is clearly an attempt to divert the attention of the urban people from the unkept poll promises by putting its own label on the stopped development works initiated by the Akali-BJP government in the urban areas.”

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