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Intelligence wing busted an espionage.

March 15, 2019 08:21 PM
Intelligence wing busted an espionage.
Amritsar kuljit singh
Intelligence Wing of Punjab Police has busted an espionage 
racket active in the state. Acting on specific inputs provided by reliable 
sources and sister agencies, the State Special Operations Cell, has 
arrested an espionage agent namely Ram Kumar s/o Tara Chand r/o 
Fazilka, Now r/o H. No. 59/4, Near Dushehra Ground, Nalwa Road, 
Jalandhar, Punjab. Case FIR No 2 dated 14th March, 2019 under sections 
3, 4, 5, 9 Official Secrets Act (OSA) 1923, 120-B IPC has been registered 
against him at Police Station SSOC Amritsar. Two Mobile Phones and four 
SIM cards have been recovered from him.
During preliminary questioning, Ram Kumar has revealed that 
he is working as an electrician with MES in Jalandhar Cantt since 2013. He 
was befriended on social media by a Pakistan based Intelligence 
Operative. He was asked to provide information of Indian Army units 
located along Indo-Pak border and even movement of army convoys in the 
area. He was also asked to provide details of specific army units. The 
individual confessed to having passed sensitive military information to his 
Pakistani handler over social media platforms. Apart from providing 
information, the individual had provided mobile numbers of Military Officers 
to Pakistani Intelligence Operatives. In lieu of providing information, he has 
been paid money on more than one occasion. After the Pulwama incident, 
his handlers had become particularly inquisitive about the movement of 
army units.
The accused will be produced in court today to seek police 
remand. Further investigations are on to check his social media contacts 
and to unearth the complete espionage racket.
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