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An anti-malaria awareness camp held .

June 11, 2019 06:12 PM

An anti-malaria awareness camp held .  Jandiala guru June 11 (Kuljit Singh): P. H. C in the locality of Jandiala guru in Shekhupura The anti-malaria awareness camp was planted by Manwala as per the guidelines of civil surgeon Amritsar, Dr. Hardeep Singh Ghai.  Giving details about the camp, the S. M. O. Manwala, Dr Nirmal Singh said that anti-malaria awareness camp was planted today at Jandiala Guru's Mohalla Shivpura.  Dr. Banpreet Singh Medical Officer briefed the visiting people about the malaria fever and treatment. Harjeet Singh S. I. Told the people who had been present at the camp, conscious of the subject of malaria, that the muddy waters around their homes would not allow them to gather.  Because the mosquito of malaria fever is born in the dirty water.  Therefore, all the standing around the house should be filled with clay.  In the standing water, tractors should be used to pour oil that does not cause mosquitoes to grow in that water.  All the bodies should be covered with cloth and sleep at night.  Mosquito nets should be used while sleeping in the open and should also be used by mosquitoes. The old surplus tires, broken utensils, broken potted, etc., which are read on rooftops, should be dumped in the dustbin outside the house. So that there is no chance of rain.  In the case of a fever, the nearest health centre should be tested and treated with blood.  It is free in testing and treatment health centres.    Ranjit Singh Multi-purpose health worker and Kanwardeep Singh Multipurpose health worker examined the people who were in the camp.  In this camp, C. H. C. The MSI came from Manwala. Pritpal Singh, Baljit Singh S. I, Balwinder Singh S. I, Harjinder Singh S. I, Balwinder Kaur S. I. Kulwinder Kaur L. H. V, Amandeep Kaur A. N. M, Nisha Asha worker, Pushpa Rani, Amandeep Kaur Asha worker were present.  

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