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Any police personnel associate of drug trafficker found will take stern action :DGP STF

June 16, 2019 10:27 PM

 Any police  personnel associate of drug trafficker found  will take stern action :DGP STF

. Jandiala Guru Kuljit Singh 
 In Punjab, the police administration is pushing its heel peak to check the intoxication but the prevailing situation does not seem to have led to a decrease in the trend of drug sales. It is increasing day by day. The main reason for this is the greed of money, to tell that the one who engages in this illegal business earns lakhs of rupees in a few months, which is why the sale of drugs in Punjab is on the rise. Even if meetings and seminars are resorted to by the police administration to prevent intoxication, it is not so successful. While the other aspect of it is that those who use drugs because of their addiction are also a threat to society because when addicts do not have money to buy drugs, they steal to complete their addiction. , commits robbery and murder in many cases. The common people, the passers-by, the old people are the victims of such cases. To whom he easily snatchs or robs. Such incidents create an atmosphere of state unrest and insecurity. The journalist spoke to people about the intoxication, but the statement he made on condition of anonymity keeps everyone's heart shaken. The parents told the sister-in-law, the wife whose family is addicted to drugs, how the belly-keeper of their family was doing their own to complete their addiction by stealing and selling the household items. He said that the big drug traffickers who come late at night to supply luxury vehicles and those who are going to sell are getting silver all day and night. 
How can overcoming drug traffickers? Suggesting that the police should seriously investigate the small drug trafficker from where he brings it and his phone call, he said, the police should investigate the small drug trafficker and bring him behind bars. Which property and drug money should be taken into custody. He said, if the government implements action to prevent it from being confined to the spotlight only, it is not possible to stop the menace of drugs, otherwise the Punjab youth will be devastated in the coming few years.  No police personnel who cooperate with drug traffickers will be spared: DGPSTF. When the journalist spoke to DGPSTF Gurpreet Deo  about the case, he said that he was very serious about the drug issue. Now, whoever is caught in the drug smuggler will be interrogated to examine where he has brought the drug and from whom he has brought it. In this way, the police will be able to reach the root of the big drug traffickers. In addition, he admitted that there were some personnel in the police department who helped drug traffickers. Which makes it difficult to stop intoxication. He said, he will hold a meeting with top police officials of the police department in Amritsar today. 
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