Rainfall revealed the incomplete work of sewerage, even after spending 45 crores.

August 09, 2019 06:01 PM
Rainfall revealed the incomplete  work of sewerage,  even after spending 45 crores.
 The matter will be investigated: Danny.
 Jandiala Guru took place on 9 August (Kuljeet Singh) today
 The rain has exposed the development work done in Jandiala Guru city.  The example of which came today when the sewerage system was damaged due to heavy rains, so much water became in the market and streets of the city that the whole city became a pond.  People's homes and shops were wildly flooded.  When our journalist visited the area in the rainy season, the anger of the people was spreading for the administration.  People say that the fleet of the sewerage system has been garbled.  Even the city councilmen are not paying any attention to cleaning the drains.  The fault of the city dwellers is that cow dung filled with cowsheds and other cords are being drained.  Due to which the drains of the city are being choke and in rainy days the drainage of water is equal to the path of drains.  City dwellers said that they have given complaints in writing to the city council several times.  But no employees or officials are paying any attention to it.  Rather, we leave the matter on top of each other.  Jandiala Guru is in such a bad condition of cleaning the city that it has become dung from the streets.  Only 20-22 cleaners are deployed in the entire city.  While the number of these is much higher in the cleaning tender.  Because the cleaning contractor is a favorite of political bosses.  Therefore, no one can ask him about this.  Therefore, the city council officers recognize the contractor by making a check of the salary of the entire sanitation workers.  On the other hand, about 10 years ago, a project worth about Rs 45 crore was started for putting sewerage in Jandiala Guru city.  But even today after so much time, sewerage work has not been completed in Jandiala Guru city.  Because today the sewerage system in Jandiala Guru city is in such bad condition that due to slight rains, the water becomes stagnant and it becomes difficult for the drivers and pedestrians to pass the roads.  Apart from this, there are many places in the city where sewerage water gets mixed into the drinking water due to leakage of drinking water pipes.
 When the journalist talked to former MLA Malkit Singh AR in this matter, he said that when he was MLA, he had started this sewerage project for the development of the city.  The cost of which was around 45 crores.  He said that the entire work was done when he was in power. When asked by the journalist why the work is incomplete even after 10 years, he shook his head and said that this responsibility is from the current MLA.  .
 There will be a high-level investigation into the matter: Danny
 When the matter was discussed with the lighter MLA Jandiala Guru on this matter, he said that the matter is very serious. This work has been done between the years 2007 to 2012. There will be a high level inquiry against whichever officer and leader will be involved in the sewerage scandal and  If found guilty, there will be legal action, no accused will be spared.
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