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In the sewerage matter MLA showed tough attitude, towards officers

August 12, 2019 07:05 PM
In the sewerage matter  MLA showed tough attitude, towards officers
 The chairman also gave confidence of an impartial inquiry.
 Jandiala Guru Kuljit Singh
 Lighter MLA Sukhwinder Singh Danny and Punjab Water Supply Sewerage Board Pargat Singh in particular arrived at the city council office today.  He took the blessings of Guru Ghar by meditating in the Tapa Asthan Baba Hundal. He listened to the complaints of the people regarding sewerage.  People said in their complaint that due to incomplete work of sewerage, the drainage of water is not self-corrected, which leads to overflow of dirty water in the lanes and markets.  Sewerage's work is also being affected due to non-implementation.  On the other hand, on the cleanliness system, people lashed out at the city council and said that the cleanliness system in the city has also failed completely.  Due to this, there is a bad situation of cleaning drains and streets in the city because the number of cleaning workers is very less.
 Apart from this, people in their complaint complained against the SDO and JE to the MLA and Chairman Sewerage Board that both the officers did not pick up the phone of the people, due to which, where to make their complaint.
 MLA imposed class of officers
 On hearing the grievances of the people, the mild MLA put a class of officers fiercely and said that whatever officer will not listen to the complaints of the people. The department will take action against him. In addition to this, he directed the officer concerned to change JE immediately.
 Investigation into the Sewerage case from 2007 to 2012: Chairman.
 Pargat Singh, chairman of the Punjab Water Supply Sewerage Board, said that he is very serious about the sewerage case. Therefore, it will set up an inquiry committee to investigate the sewerage work done between 2007 and 2012.  The officer was found guilty. He will be investigated.  Apart from this, he said that the records of those who were contractors at that time would also be examined in depth.  If the matter looks more serious, he will meet Chief Minister Punjab Captain Amarinder Singh on this matter and make him aware of it.
 Charanjit Singh Tito, Amit Arora Advocate, Surinder Seth, Nirmal Singh Lahoria, Sanjeev Kumar Lovely, Sukhjinder Singh Goldie, and others were present on the occasion.
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