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SSP Fatehgarh Sahib takes serious note of absence, suspends 4 lady Sub Inspectors

August 18, 2019 11:59 PM

SSP takes serious note of absence, suspends 4 lady Sub Inspectors

By Amrit Pal Brar

Fatehgarh Sahib, 18 August: Taking serious note of unathourised absence, SSP Fatehgarh Sahib Amneet Kondal today suspended four lady Sub Inspectors. They are SI Sandeep Kaur FGS Sub division, SI Shakunt chaudhary Bassi pathana Sub division, SI Amarpal kaur Amloh Sub division and SI Amandeep Brar khamano sub division. All four have been heading charge of sub division crime against women and children.

Amneet Kondal told APS Brar that “today, we had to lodge an attempt to rape case and none of them was present, all without permission. They have violated the instructions of DGP office”. All the four has been sent to Police lines and departmental enquiry has been ordered. SP (H) will enquire into the matter and report within month.

Amneet Kondal said “there are clear instructions from DGP office, that owing to flood alert and J&K situation, no one can leave station without written permission”.

Amneet Kondal appreciated another woman officer, Incharge women cell P/SI Gurdeep kaur 9/PRT who was present and immediately reported to register the case at Fatehgarh police station.

Amneet Kondal further said “As Gurdeep Kaur is always present in her office; Therefore, I am rewarding her with cash prize of Rs 5k and commendation certificate- class 1 to appreciate and acknowledge her sincerity and sense of responsibilty towards her job”.

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