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The sarpanch and people of village Dharar nabbed two thieves who carried out the incidents of theft, 1 absconding.

August 22, 2019 09:21 PM
The sarpanch and people of village Dharar nabbed  two thieves who carried out the incidents of theft, 1 absconding.
 Dozens of theft incidents were carried out.
 Jandiala Guru Kuljeet Singh
 This morning, the village sarpanch Sukhwinder Singh and people in village Dharar caught two thieves. It is important to mention here that that these two  thief nearby villages,and Government Elementary School have also carried out dozens of robberies. Due to which there was a lot of panic among the people. While talking to the journalist and people told that Jagroop Singh alias Hanuman son of  Harjinder Singh  , Manpreet Singh alias Changiada son of Balwinder Singh resident  of village Dharar police station Jandiala Guru is caught while Harjeet Singh alias Jeeta sonof  Lal Singh  village Bhaini  Sidhavan Sadar Thana Tarn Taran has fled the scene.
 A case will be registered only if there is a big incident!
Partap Singh, the old person  of the same village, said in an unhappy tone with him that 5 mobiles and Rs 22,500 were stolen from his house on July 22. He also took away his locks which his son had brought from Dubai. On  the next day.  When that police post, Jandiala Guru, gave a complaint letter about mobile  IMEI to trace their mobile, then the police post incharge dismissed it  and said that we could register only FIR if any big incident which is possible only then. The residents of the village have appealed to the police authorities to take strict measures to end the drug addiction. It has also been decided by the village panchayat that no member of the panchayat and sarpanch drug addicts  Will not help
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