The faction came to the fore in the program by crowning the chairman block committee,

September 02, 2019 08:31 PM
The faction came to the fore in the program by crowning the chairman block committee,
 Khatri and his supporters did not appear.
 Jandiala Guru Kuljit Singh
 Today the block office was held in the program in connection with the coronation of the chairman of the block committee. The coronation was to be attended by Chief MLA Jandiala Guru Sukhwinder Singh Dainny as the chief guest, whose time was 11 PM but the  MLA was 4 PM  Arrived. The most important thing in this program is that Rakesh Kumar Khatri the leader of the Congress Party and a member of the Block Committee from village  Gehri Mandi  And he was not able to see. So it is clear that factionalism in the Congress party's  constituency jandiala  guru is increasing, which can increase the difficulties of the Congress party in the coming elections. Because before the election of the chairman of the block committee, Rakesh  Khatri's decision to become chairman was being discussed in the media as well as in the social media for the last about 6 months. But the decision taken by the MLA on the spot  Rakesh Khatri's hopes were dashed from Lay. Even though the Congress party workers are tight-lipped in the matter, his absence in the faces and program is a sign that he is angry with the decision.
 Rakesh Khatri told his grief, he added many peoples  in 20 villages to strengthen the party.
 Talking to the media on the matter, Congress leader and block committee member Rakesh Kumar Khatri said that the  MLA had signed him to be the chairman of the block committee and said that this general seat has been made to become his chairman.  The way should be cleared. Khatri said that he had worked hard day and night in 20 villages to strengthen the Congress Party and thousands of people  were connected with the Congress Party .Now he is in a state of despair that he does not feel like going anywhere and that he is going to the public place somewhere. He said that he was very enthusiastic about the post of chairman. Keep calling guests in his house  He was also called the drummer with laddus and necklaces. But on one occasion he was stunned by the decision of the legislator and in a moment, his face was changed after changing the decision.
 Not necessarily every worker and member should be involved in every program: Danny
MLA Jandiala Guru Sukhwinder Singh Dainny said that Khatri and his supporters did not attend today's coronation program, saying that it is not necessary that party workers and members should be involved in every event.  Were not
 Photo caption Rakesh Kumar Khatri prepares for election as chairman.
 2 At the time of the coronation, Harjeet Singh Bandala, a mild legislator and newly appointed chairman.
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