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Channel Punjab Shann Punjab Di Present Mrs World Punjaban UK 2019

September 10, 2019 08:59 PM

Channel Punjab Shann Punjab Di Present Mrs World Punjaban UK 2019


As the excitement grows so does the anticipation of who will be crowned Mrs World Punjaban UK 2019. The Grand Finale is on the 29th September 2019, tickets are now on sale, for the event to be hosted at The Willow, in Willenhall. The prestige of the event is mirrored in the selection of the venue.

Channel Punjab has started to air the auditions for this event on their YourTube channel. A few easy steps allow you to start watching the auditions which took place nationally. There is a dedicated section Punjabi Mutiyaran, there are constant uploads of the Sixteen contestants who are enjoying the journey, one of them will be crowned Mrs World Punjaban UK 2019.

The entire process has taken months. Every week the ladies are set tasks, many of which have the participation of family and friends. All the tasks will establish their skills, talents and of course their capabilities over a spectrum of topic and activities.

The final tasks will be a weekend at the ‘Boot Camp’ “This is where we will absolutely throw these ladies out of their comfort zones” said Jasbir Singh Derewal, Managing Director of Channel Punjab Shann Punjab Di. “This will be the first Punjabi reality show”

Mr Derewal launched the first event in India and the second one in Dubai this is the third competition. The main criteria is that the contestant is married, she can be divorced or widowed.

There will be a panel of seven esteemed Judges at the Grand Finale. Mrs Satinder Kaur Taunque OBE, Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Dr Opinderjit Kaur Takhar,  Senior Lecturer and Head of ReligiousStudies at the University of Wolverhampton Captain Makhand Singh for the Army, Balbir Singh Flora MBE, Station Commander for the Royal Airforce, Jasbir Singh Whoura of East End Foods,Jahagir Siddiq (Fondly known as Big John),Anita Chamber is a partner and co-editor for the renowned newspaper AsianToday, Aman Shoker from panjgiddha, and the famous Sarika is a Judge and mentor who will groom the ladies for the Grand Finale.

Currently there is only one Ambassador, it is Mrs Raj Dhaliwal. An actress who has risen in the Punjabi film industry in a very short space of time. Mrs Dhaliwal has been selected due to her passion for equality and diversity, she will be instrumental in guiding women for all walks of life.

Mrs World Punjaban UK 2019, is all about rasing the aspirations of women and celebrating their achievements.


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