Human Resource Development Minister launches IIMs with foundation bricks

October 07, 2019 10:13 PM
Human Resource Development Minister launches IIMs with foundation bricks
 Punjab stands by every good decision of the central government: Bajwa
 Aujla's demand to give Guru Nanak Dev University a central status
 Jandiala Guru Oct 7 (Kuljit Singh) - Amritsar has been waiting for its long-awaited residence.  Come on.  M.  The wait was completed today when Union Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Poriyal Nishank formally started the construction of the building by laying foundation bricks after a ground pooja in the Manavalan campus.  Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ramesh said that about 4 years ago today, Mr. Arun Jaitley laid the foundation stone of this building, but due to lack of one acre of land which was lying on campus, its work was stopped.  Now that the land has been acquired, a map of the building is being prepared and the work is being started.  He said that Rs 350 crore has been released for the first phase and around Rs 250 crore has been earmarked for the next phase, which will be provided as per requirement.  He said that it has arranged hostels for 600 students, houses for 25 students, accommodation for 90 employees, hospitals, banks etc.  He said that the ministry would continue to get its progress report every month and hope that it would be completed within a stipulated time.
 He said that the center government is celebrating Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji's 550th light in the country and abroad and on this occasion all religious studies center will be set up at Sri Guru Nanak Dev University where Guru Nanak's philosophy will be studied.  .  In addition, publicity work will be conducted in universities in London and Canada in the name of Guru Nanak.
 On the occasion, Mr. Tripit Rajinder Singh Bajwa, Minister of Higher Education, Rural Development and Panchayat, who came as special guest on behalf of the Punjab Government, came to Amritsar by the Central Government.  Thanks to the introduction of IM, the Punjab government has given about 60 acres of land for this.  He said that the Punjab Government appreciates and supports every good decision of the Center.  He said that the relations between the Center and the state government need to be good for the progress of the state.  He said that in Mohali too there is a program to open a branch of this organization which should be completed soon.  He said that management is a necessity for every home, institution and the crisis that the country is facing today, can be overcome with good management.
 Ñ Member of Lok Sabha  On the occasion, Gurjeet Singh Aujla said that the acre land was stopped due to non-appointment of director and the work was started from the day the director was appointed by the central government.  .  He demanded that Guru Nanak Dev University, which was set up by the Punjab Government on the occasion of Guru Nanak's 500th birth anniversary, be given central status for the progress of the state.  He also advocated starting flights from Amritsar to Heathrow and to Toronto.  Chairman Sanjay Gupta and Director Prof.  Nagarajan Ramamurthy also addressed.
 Among others, former Minister Mr. Anil Joshi, Deputy Commissioner Mr. Shivdular Singh Dhillon, Additional Deputy Commissioner Mr. Himashun Agrawal, SSP Rural Mr. Vikramjit Duggal Amritsar were also present on the occasion.
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