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May 29, 2020 04:59 PM



The Corona virus Covid 19 has come as a bolt from the blue in a pandemic situation. The extension of Lockdown seems to be unending with more uncertainty, unpredictable future - unparallel , unbelievable , unprecedented, unfamiliar situations to face.  People were hoping against the hope for the opening of lockdown but it is still not totally unlocked even in the fourth stage called 4.0.  Though, it has come with some riders .

From March 20th 2020, the entire life has come to a still, earlier the roads, work places were  mostly empty , shops , offices, industries also closed along with all educational institutions with the fear of Corona which is still hovering  overhead like the dark clouds with almost doubling up of Corona patients as well as increase in the death rates.

 The number of Corona patients is so large that  some even do not get room for the treatment in the government as well as in the private hospitals. Private hospitals are fleecing the patients and are charging in lacs from poor. 

 There seems to be an unending situation as it has become quite alarming as so far vaccines and medicines have not yet been discovered. Though the scientists in different parts of the world are doing their best but it might  take number of months to discover the actual treatment.

 The world was not mentally ,psychologically ,physically prepared to expect this Corona virus disease . Even the government at different stages have asked the citizens to adjust and live with the Corona environment as well as prevailing situation . It means we are left to our own fates.

 The present lockdown has forced  persons to find alternate ways to exist with minimum resources at our levels and emergency movement on roads to meet our daily requirements. It has made man to think about others, about the gifts of God  , about the bounties of nature,  about the chirping of birds and the existence of beasts in the surroundings.  It has created such a situation that one feels  concern for other human beings too. It has brought us out of our narrow thinking and reinforced and inculcated human values along with introspection.  It has forced us to think about the power of Almighty God- the Supreme Commander. In a situation where all great politicians scientist, labs and other great researchers have badly failed . 

Corona lockdown has coined a new word for us" Kuchh Karo na !" - Do something ! It has given us time for planning targets for our businesses , online learning transactions through computers,  writing something valuable,  studying ,do meditation , yogic exercises , catch up with distant relations and friends through FaceTime , WhatsApp , telephonic calls,  pursue your other hobbies and carve your hidden talents for singing,  drawing , sketching,  painting,  enjoying the fresh homely cooked food with your family members which otherwise was too difficult on the routine days . It has also enabled us to learn closely how much these ladies are involved in doing their different chores in a day and how smartly they perform their duties in coming up to the expectations of all family members.  It has also given time to us to be self sufficient and be yourself,handle your own problems independently  .

Besides, it has made us to be kind to others and show  deep respect and regards to the Corona Warriors which otherwise we were refraining from .

The sad plight of Lockdown 4.0 is that there is utter chaos, confusion ,frustration ,tensions ,restlessness amongst the citizens to face the bleak and uncertain future.  Most of the businesses have come to a standstill - some shops are locked owing to no business transactions. A large number of migrant labourers skilled as well as unskilled were all stranded for almost three months as they were without work,  putting up on rental apartments. They could not meet their daily requirements. There were false promises from the governments,  delayed decisions in coming up to the rescue. More than 15 lakh migrant labourers have left for their home destinations in this hot weather touching more than 45 degree centigrade temperature in the  sultry summer season on foot,   through railway tracks , by roads , on their cycles, auto-rickshaws, trucks, buses and few of them through trains. In this alarming situation, some of them with small children ,families and aged persons in their family ,others have unfortunately died on the rail tracks,  in the road accidents, others have died due to heat stroke, heart attacks, some of them have got critically injured and have become permanently disabled, few pregnant ladies delivered the babies on the road - few survived and many died. There were migrant labourers who have even died in the railway compartments or on the stations. They are fighting, snatching, looting, pushing, jostling with each other for the necessities  like water and food etc. and this kept taking place in the presence of authorities as well as police men present on the platforms who remained mute spectators .

 In the other hand , owing to improper announcements or wrong announcements, people rushed to the stations to board the train resulting in unimaginable crowds, compromising the social distancing adding to more chaos , more frustration, anger, uncertainty of train timings . Besides, the hunger ,bad weather conditions ,nobody to guide or assist them to go to the right places, the people have been left in a miserable position . Some trains did not depart where as 40 trains reached wrong destinations adding to the miseries of the passengers. 

The politicians owing to their own differences among the concerned party further added to the problems of these migrants, may it be arranging for buses by the Congress or the indifference between Chief minister of Maharashtra or  due to the Central Railway Minister. Because of unplanned situation and lack of farsightedness on the part of the state and Central Government, the citizens are forced to suffer beyond anyone's imagination and their expectations have been meted with a step motherly treatment. 

It is indeed a harrowing experience for them and for everyone else and maybe more than 80% of these migrants would never come back to the cities and will look forward for alternative work near their hometowns only whereas in the cities and towns laborers left out would hike their rates which would once again cause suffering to the middle class who shall be subjected to more torture for earning their livelihoods. 


There is an apprehension that in case the economy of the nation is not put back on the track at the earliest, the public may be looted,  properties plundered ,there will be snatching, shooting at random and many would be killed by the so-called lay off and the unemployed youth of the country with masks on their faces.  It will be difficult even to recognise these culprits in the latest situation. 

It is said that worst  is yet to come in the coming months as Corona is further spreading its wings.  Let us all pray to Almighty God, join our hands for the safety of each one of us !


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