Renowned Author Roshan Bhondekar from Maharashtra’s Small town of India turned to European Entrepreneur

January 05, 2021 12:23 AM

  Renowned Author Roshan Bhondekar from Maharashtra’s Small town of India turned to European Entrepreneur

       A married couple from Spain aimed to capture the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on entrepreneurship at different levels, to accumulate journalism best practices to help freelance journalist and mass communication Interns to overcome the crisis


Spain: The world as we know it may never be the same owing to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. While the pandemic has brought the world to a place of great uncertainty, it has also pushed people to think out of the box and break established conventions. Even as traditional means of journalism are finding it more and more difficult to sustain themselves, the digital platforms are offering new opportunities to those willing to take the lead. Spanish writer-filmmaker of Indian origin from Maharashtra, Roshan Bhondekar, along with his art director and producer wife, Sahra Ardah, take the bull by the horns to create a unique case study for the academic and scholars to analyze and for the entrepreneurs to take inspiration from. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in June 2020, the couple launched ‘Transcontinental Times’ with the vision to usher in a new era of journalism driven by industry’s best practices to support freelance journalists and mass communication interns to overcome the crisis.


Since the inception six months ago, Transcontinental Times has been fully committed to human interest stories from all across the globe. “We are not here for celebrities; we are here to make common people celebrity. We raise the voice for everyone from various continents,” asserts Bhondekar. Offering a very different brand of journalism with a humanistic touch, Transcontinental Times has managed to carve a niche with top-notch coverage and commentary on politics, art, and culture, business, education, sports, technology, etc.


"We never thought this year 2020 will be different for us, but while having an impact on every industry, we thought to do something for 'Journalism/mass communication college students' and 'freelance journalist', who are looking for international free voice platform to highlight to ground reality and talk in favour of democracy being an European registered media company" Says Bhondekar.


Besides this, Sahra told, "Transcontinental Times is now working with non-profit model and in future, it will be profitable for sure, as we are firmly committed to the public interest and democratic values. Being on the internet also means using a new way of Journalism to change the way stories are told.”


Roshan Bhondekar was born in Tumsar town of Maharashtra in India but established in Spain— this is exactly how letters, if any, would be addressed to this ‘normal town boy’ a decade ago. From his 300-sq feet home that housed six people to a plush new address in Spain, Bhondekar has made it big and how. The how is where this man’s entire story lies. Now an author of two successful books, director of two international award-winning short films, and a writer, Bhondekar is an engineer by profession. “Belonging to a lower middle class family, as kids, we would struggle for two-time meals and that has been my strongest trigger in life to do something exceptional,” says the 33-year-old who lived in his Tumsar home up to the age of 26.

As of today, Transcontinental Times has a team of 70 plus journalists from 25 plus countries covering various ground-level issues from the different continents. Noted Indian Film & TV Critic and Journalist, Murtaza Ali Khan, associated with Transcontinental Times as Executive Director and Head, Advisory Board, has been dedicatedly looking after the entertainment as well as culture sections. “When Roshan and Sahra approached me with their vision, I immediately agreed to come on board. With the world of journalism undergoing a tremendous transformation owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the only way to keep the true spirit of journalism alive is by trying to adapt and improvise while facing the music. Transcontinental Times is born out of the same spirit and under the exemplary leadership of Roshan and Sahra, we have not just managed to constantly match and surpass our weekly and monthly goals but have also succeeded in unlocking our true potentials, thereby achieving synergy as a team,” rejoices Khan.

By- Adv Pranita A Deshpande

Den Haag , Netherlands

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